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Word Example of - concentrate

    Example Sentences for concentrate

    As soon as I find a champion, I am going to concentrate all my energy and all my talent on falling dead in love with him.'

    She must concentrate everything on that to keep from being an utter fool.

    At Mackinaw concentrate all the radial lines of water navigation in the upper lakes.

    Gloria picked up a folder and pretended to concentrate on it.

    They all concentrate their energies in an earnest endeavor to realize the ends which the educational system is designed to reach.

    He must give it soul, if it have any; he must combine, concentrate, and direct its power.

    Yet there is an unfortunate tendency to concentrate attention on the development of the skill of one arm only, and that the right.

    Ruggles should have written this story; he can concentrate better.

    We must, then, concentrate all the lights we can gather on these points of dispute and difficulty.

    As he aspires but has to concentrate, so does Nature aspire but has to concentrate.

Word Origin & History of - concentrate

    Word Origin & History

    concentrate 1640, from concenter (1591), from It. concentrare, from L. com- "together" + centrum "center" (see center). Originally "to bring or come to a common center;" sense of "mental focus" is mid-19c.

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