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Word Example of - complete

    Example Sentences for complete

    And it is difficult to suppose that Moses had not received a complete education.

    The Dunciad, in the complete edition, is addressed to 280Dr.

    In such a union there may 375be a complete fusion of two lives and interests.

    It was administered to the Countess Anna, and effected a complete cure.

    As has been seen, the University was to be but a part of a complete state system.

    And to complete the matter, you talk of going to the West Indies.

    Price to Subscribers for complete copies in sixteen volumes 21.

    "What was it, Zara, that you saw through the window when——" I did not complete the sentence.

    At all events, Mr. Lincoln's derangement was nearly, if not quite, complete.

    Then came another transition almost as startling as it was complete.

Word Origin & History of - complete

    Word Origin & History

    complete late 14c., from O.Fr. complet "full," from L. completus, pp. of complere "to fill up," from com- intensive prefix + plere "to fill" (see plenary).

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