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Word Example of - compartment

    Example Sentences for compartment

    There were a dozen glorious American beauties in her compartment when she entered it.

    But the detective and the actress had the compartment to themselves, and talked freely.

    This compartment is limited above by the base of the skull, and below is continued into the posterior mediastinum.

    Sir James leaned back in the corner of his compartment and smiled.

    The water then floods the first compartment and finally overflows into the next one, where the same process is repeated.

    He came straight to Sir James' compartment and opened the door.

    Porthos took refuge in the second compartment, which was in darkness, absolutely black.

    Kennedy nodded and continued to examine the place where the compartment had been jimmied.

    In this manner a compartment is formed underneath in which the animals live and, to some extent, move about.

    There is no one for the slow train yet, sir; if you like to get in first you can choose your own compartment.

Word Origin & History of - compartment

    Word Origin & History

    compartment 1564, from M.Fr. compartiment "part partitioned off," through It. compartimento, from L.L. compartiri "to divide," from com- intensive prefix + partis, gen. of pars "part" (see part). Related: Compartmentalization (1923); compartmentalize (1925); compartmentalized (1925).

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