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Word Example of - coagulate

    Example Sentences for coagulate

    And many bodies will coagulate upon commixture, whose separated natures promise no concretion.

    The disintegrated mass of rabbits commenced, as it were, to solidify, to coagulate.

    When mixed with water, which it does readily, its globules lose all their transparency, and coagulate into small clammy masses.

    Rennet is added to the milk to coagulate it, and then the curd, from which nearly all the water is removed, is allowed to ripen.

    The acids cited will coagulate and cause the germ disk to turn white or yellow in a few hours.

    That protein is present in both the yolk and the white is apparent from the fact that they coagulate when heat is applied.

    Both nutshells were quickly filled with the glutinous juice, which soon began to thicken and coagulate like rich cream.

    It would be much better to keep yellow latex apart, and coagulate it separately, if at all possible.

    It is also a well-established fact, that the blood does not coagulate after death from this cause.

    In another of his works he remarks that the blood in certain diseased conditions will not coagulate.

Word Origin & History of - coagulate

    Word Origin & History

    coagulate 1477 (coagulation), from M.Fr. coaguler, from L. coagulatus, pp. of coagulare "to cause to curdle," from cogere "to curdle, collect" (see cogent).

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