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The Synonym of - climacteric (noun)

Word Example of - climacteric

    Example Sentences for climacteric

    Shakespeare's "view" comes out in Lear's climacteric execration of his "dog-hearted daughters."

    The ensuing duet is intense and full of climacteric effects.

    Throughout Celtic history, the sixth century is for many reasons a climacteric period.

    That their overthrow may be the more impressive and climacteric.

    (The sentence is climacteric rising from inactivity to the felicity of the Deity).

    He was dizzily weak; collapse had quickly followed the climacteric excitement of being beside her, of speaking to her.

    If he was right in fixing his climacteric at sixteen he might well have been dead.

    It is also referred to as the climacteric period, meaning that a climax in life has been reached.

    When this period is about to expire she enters what is termed the "change of life," or the menopause, or the climacteric.

    However, these climacteric years did not all present the same dangers, but the peril inherent in them varied considerably.

Word Origin & History of - climacteric

    Word Origin & History

    climacteric c.1600, from L. climactericus, from Gk. klimakterikos "of a critical period," from klimakter "rung of a ladder" (see climax). A critical stage in human life, a period supposed to be especially liable to change. By some, held to be the years that are multiples of 7 (7, 14, 21, etc.), by others only the odd multiples (7, 21, 35, etc.), and by still others the multiples of 9. The Great Climacteric was the 63rd year (7x9), supposed to be especially critical.

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