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Word Example of - cheapen

    Example Sentences for cheapen

    I do remember the tendency of silver to cheapen, but the ruin of the brick industry has escaped me.

    It wont do to cheapen your work by putting a small price on it.

    In such a case it was the bounden duty of Parliament to end the law's delays and cheapen the procedure.

    He was never known to bargain for a book or to endeavour to cheapen it.

    How man does cheapen God's plan of things; leaves out the kernel, and keeps only an empty shell sometimes.

    They cheapen, he complained, by their imports sassafras from its proper price of 20s.

    Adulteration is also practiced when made-over materials or waste is used to cheapen the cost.

    It is their purpose to increase importation in order to cheapen prices.

    There was in fact a disdain of all attempts to cheapen or haggle.

    She was resolving that since she was to be as great as he said she should be, she must not cheapen herself now.

Word Origin & History of - cheapen

    Word Origin & History of - cheapen

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