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Word Example of - champ

    Example Sentences for champ

    The hope of victory rouses the spirits of these noble youths; their fiery horses neigh and prance, and champ their foaming bits.

    Pop Monroe was trying for just one solid blow to slow down the Champ.

    They prance, and champ the bit, and the young man seems to pull on them as though his liver was coming out.

    It was not long after midnight the next day that Champ Lee reached the ranch.

    The Champ de Mars was guarded by troops, and the avenues were also guarded on all sides.

    "Champ's worried about something," he said to himself; he was making fast the boat.

    Araby, the land of manna and milk—of black-eyed women—of horses that champ strange bits.

    An' I was thinkin', too, what Champ said to me thet very night.

    The conveyance of the balloon to the Champ de Mars was a most singular spectacle.

    She was to be seen, in July, 1790, digging the soil of the Champ de Mars.

Word Origin & History of - champ

    Word Origin & History

    champ 1868, Amer.Eng. abbreviation of champion (q.v.).

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