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Word Example of - carving

    Example Sentences for carving

    But in reality she would as soon have thought of breaking into society as of attacking twelve policemen with a carving knife.

    Do your carving, lay your bread, and take off trenchers, with two fingers and thumb.

    The carving consists of various scriptural subjects in low relief; it is now much worn.

    It was streaked with faded paint and it showed bits of carving.

    Some of the spears and war-clubs which they offered for sale showed much delicacy and skill, both in the design and carving.

    Again I'll spend weeks carving flowers and figures on a staff.

    Miss Campbell, glancing at Mrs. Lupo now in the background, wondered if that awful memory of the carving knife was not a dream.

    The carving was beginning to bring in what Isel called “a pretty penny.”

    The interlaced strap work generally found in Elizabethan carving, encircles the shafts of the columns as a decoration.

    The ceiling was coved, and surrounded by a rich frieze of carving.

Word Origin & History of - carving

    Word Origin & History

    carve O.E. ceorfan (class III strong verb; past tense cearf, pp. corfen), from W.Gmc. *kerfan, from PIE base *gerebh- "to scratch," making carve the Eng. cognate of Gk. graphein. Once extensively used, most senses now usurped by cut. Meaning specialized to sculpture, meat, etc., by 16c. Strong conjugation became weak, but archaic carven is still encountered. In a set of dining chairs, the one with the arms, usually at the head of the table, is the carver (1927), reserved for the one who carves.

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