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Word Example of - carve

    Example Sentences for carve

    A sculptor was set to work to carve a new one from the ruin.

    Peacocks, &c.: carve like you do the Crane, keeping their feet on.

    He then proceeded to carve the nose, but no sooner had he made it than it began to grow.

    Carve all the letters of the alphabet on a medium sized pumpkin.

    I will carve your statue in marble, for you always stand vividly before my eyes.

    She began to carve, and Rudolph, who sat next his mother, started the plates on their way.

    "They carve pear-wood because it is so soft, and dye it brown, and call it me" said an old oak cabinet, with a chuckle.

    And do carve a little bird, like the one you did on your father's.

    I like to think of a young man like Gotch, good and strong, going off to carve himself out a place in a new country.

    I carve the chicken; the corks fly, we drink like topers, we eat like ogres.

Word Origin & History of - carve

    Word Origin & History

    carve O.E. ceorfan (class III strong verb; past tense cearf, pp. corfen), from W.Gmc. *kerfan, from PIE base *gerebh- "to scratch," making carve the Eng. cognate of Gk. graphein. Once extensively used, most senses now usurped by cut. Meaning specialized to sculpture, meat, etc., by 16c. Strong conjugation became weak, but archaic carven is still encountered. In a set of dining chairs, the one with the arms, usually at the head of the table, is the carver (1927), reserved for the one who carves.

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