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Word Example of - ca

    Example Sentences for ca

    I realize she's on the other side; that I can't, that I must not, permit myself to care.

    I can't look at it as calmly as you do as if it all belonged to someone else.

    I need a blacksmith, and if I can't get a real one I'll put up with an imitation.

    I can't tell you how much I have thought about you and your work.

    Here is something about 'friend,' and another word I can't make out.

    She can't be after us, for I am sure no one of the enemy knows our mission.

    Now, if a coal-mine could be put into one's waistcoat pocket—but it can't!

    "I can't seem to reach any middle ground with him," she had said.

    "I can't understand why you are having them all alike," she complained.

    Can't you do something to make us more comfortable, Captain Alick?

Word Origin & History of - ca

    Word Origin & History of - ca

    We're sorry, we couldn't find ca. the Word Origin & History of the word you requested. We'll soon we attach ca Word Origin & History of the word to our database. thank you to visit our online dictionary.

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