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Word Example of - building-society

    Example Sentences for building

    In these buildings the main girders cross the building at 20-ft.

    Do you know, Jim, he actually believes that you are not building the dam for the farmers!

    But there is yet one more subtlety in their way of building which we have not noticed.

    The hall in the rear of the building had an excellent dancing floor.

    Encourage the building of the church at Mount Carmel all you can.

    I soon discovered the Islander and the building, and ran for them as fast as possible.

    Most of them went to the building in which lived Anna's family.

    I was afraid if the building struck the bank it might be tumbled over on the steamers.

    Straight poles were laid across these to form a crude imitation of beams and the other framework of a building.

    "See if Mr. Stafford King is in the building, and tell him to come to me, please," he said.

Word Origin & History of - building-society

    Word Origin & History

    building "a structure," c.1300, from prp. adj. of build.

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