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The Synonym of - buck (verb)

Word Example of - buck

    Example Sentences for buck

    Buck, more surely than anybody else, he could never forgive.

    Buck Lingley made it nine miles, and then Ben Bowman was summoned.

    "Lucky for him that he beat it before I got my hands on him," said Buck.

    The sea was very heavy, and Buck Lingley still reported no bottom.

    Buck was staring at the little man in town clothes, over by the window.

    Buck kept on sounding, and reported four fathoms at the stern of the wreck.

    Stay away from the camp for a while and speak small—until the people on Buck's stairway were more closely united.

    I will do something handsome for you, Buck, and be your best friend.

    Money or no money, you must buck up and put the Crowninshields and their doings out of your head.

    "I wanted to see you, Buck," he repeated, for the fourth time.

Word Origin & History of - buck

    Word Origin & History of - buck

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