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Word Example of - brilliant

    Example Sentences for brilliant

    The face of the brilliant Diana was entirely devoted to him she amused.

    I could not admire them, though their eyes were as brilliant as they were black.

    None of these was a brilliant invention, though each was a useful one.

    But will the brilliant flame within him burn with steadiness?

    She came out startlingly white and brilliant from the black.

    The pageant had been brilliant, as one may read in the chronicles of the time.

    "You suggest a hollyhock in brilliant array," said Jaqueline mirthfully.

    I am not brilliant, and therefore I have no wish to be absurd.

    I may say that I became at once the most brilliant boy in my class.

    Reggie, give me a gold-tipped cigarette, and I will be brilliant.

Word Origin & History of - brilliant

    Word Origin & History

    brilliant 1680s, from Fr. brilliant "sparkling, shining" prp. of briller "to shine" (16c.), from It. brillare "sparkle, whirl," perhaps from V.L. *berillare "to shine like a beryl," from berillus "beryl, precious stone," from L. beryllus (see beryl). In reference to diamonds (1680s) it means a flat-topped cut invented 17c. by Venetian cutter Vincenzo Peruzzi.

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