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Word Example of - bant

    Example Sentences for bant

    Fines inflicted by the Bant caste council are, I am informed, spent in the celebration of a temple festival.

    And I can stand it,' says I, 'I'd rather batten than bant any day.'

    The foregoing account shows that the Bant marriage is a good deal more than concubinage.

    Banting, bant′ing, n. a system of diet for reducing superfluous fat.

    Every rich Bant keeps his kambla field consecrated to buffalo-racing, and his pair of racing buffaloes, costing from Rs.

    A nice verb, to bant, though not approved of by the dictionary, which scornfully terms it “humorous and colloquial”.

Word Origin & History of - bant

    Word Origin & History of - bant

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