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Word Example of - bank

    Example Sentences for bank

    The pony swung to the left and came to a halt close in under the bank.

    He found that the sand rose gradually into a sort of drift or bank.

    "I've got one down the Laughing Brook where the bank is steep," said he.

    Mr. Peverell, the bank messenger, called at the saloon on his way back.

    He had to face his landlord with some explanation of the bank's inquiry.

    Hope leaped to the bank, and received her from the arms of the men who had drawn her out.

    If she could only make that bank—where the land seemed firm!

    I concluded they were a device of the bank messenger, by which he could square his package.

    The Sacian took up a hard clod of earth from a bank as he walked along.

    I was afraid if the building struck the bank it might be tumbled over on the steamers.

Word Origin & History of - bank

    Word Origin & History of - bank

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