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The Synonym of - balloon (verb)

Word Example of - balloon

    Example Sentences for balloon

    The only reason why we did not tell of the balloon, was on account of the fire.

    Say, when Boggsie saw the whole gang of us, he was a balloon.

    We were told that a man was going up in the air in a balloon.

    "The balloon is almost ready, steering-gear and all," she said.

    I'm certain if I was up in a balloon it would look like a map with all those funny little hedges.

    And now I can only think of his little machines in the turret and his balloon, and—oh!

    He would need one that could sail on the water, and yet float in the air like a balloon or aeroplane.

    A balloon full of hydrogen "falls up" in obedience to the Law of Gravity.

    "This is the second; they have already brought down one balloon," remarked the man at my elbow.

    I told him I was determined to go if the balloon would take me.

Word Origin & History of - balloon

    Word Origin & History of - balloon

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