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Word Example of - babblers

    Example Sentences for babblers

    It is the least untidy-looking of the babblers, and may be recognised by the distinctly reddish hue of its tail.

    Plainly the babblers were approaching along that entry and babbling as they came.

    There was among them an unusually large proportion of sots, braggarts, and babblers; and Crone was one of these.

    This is considerably smaller than the other babblers described.

    She sat eating calmly, looking down now and again at her baby, holding us in slight scorn, babblers that we were.

    Personally, I am inclined to think that babblers are monogamous.

    Then one of the babblers made a lunge at the corby, which caused it to take to its wings.

    The presence of the spurious child does not greatly perturb the babblers.

    The Australian Babblers are of interest from all points of view.

    Babblers sometimes make six or seven nests, laying only in one.

Word Origin & History of - babblers

    Word Origin & History of - babblers

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