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Word Example of - babbler

    Example Sentences for babbler

    It is difficult to live amongst men, because silence is so difficult— especially for a babbler.

    Under this mask which resembles him, I will drive away the babbler from here.

    Large and projecting ears are indicative of a fool and babbler.

    "That's your concern," said the Babbler, with an evil smile.

    One has but to observe the laboured flight of a babbler to appreciate how easy a mark he is to a bird of prey.

    The Babbler, who was a few paces in advance, suddenly uttered a cry.

    Time will discover everything to posterity; it is a babbler, and speaks even when no question is put.

    You need not be on the lookout with me, sir; I am no babbler.

    On their approach the pie lunged at a babbler and caused it to retire.

    And how did the babbler fear the Angels whom he had himself made?

Word Origin & History of - babbler

    Word Origin & History of - babbler

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