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The Synonym of - aught (noun)

Word Example of - aught

    Example Sentences for aught

    Only to intimate friends is there aught singular in his behaving as he now does.

    Can I want Aught else, aught nearer heaven, than such tears?

    If you have aught to say touching matters foreign to this, speak, and I can listen; then, prithee depart.

    To-night if you have aught to teach me, let me profit by it.'

    I imagine that this has much more to do with peculiarities of the Chinese civilization than aught else.

    The maiden may have the soul of a fiend, for aught I wot, yet hath she the face of an angel.

    They have reached the apotheosis of flowerhood—the highest destiny vouchsafed to aught that grows.

    Neither in earth nor in Heaven is any man satisfied with aught else.

    And why, if we can help it, should public money ever be spent for aught but the public good?

    Is there aught else in which I may serve the Dama de Montferrat?

Word Origin & History of - aught

    Word Origin & History of - aught

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