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Word Example of - astounding

    Example Sentences for astounding

    It was rather the obsession of an astounding puzzle: what in the world could have caused a fire at all?

    For the moment, so taken aback was he by this astounding announcement, that he could not speak.

    The wonder of Du Maurier's essay, the astounding spectacle of his success, cannot be diminished by any such explanation of it.

    He cannot crow, but oftentimes his flight Will reach up to a most astounding height.

    This astounding proof encourages us in our faith in infinity and God.

    As startling and astounding as these figures are, they do not tell one half of the story.

    This is one of the reasons why, despite his astounding garrulousness, the readers of his books are never wearied.

    It was astounding, the big sea that had arisen in so short a time.

    Don't you think that it is about time for Astounding Stories to become a semi-monthly?

    Astounding how much can be talked of in two or three hours of a railway journey!

Word Origin & History of - astounding

    Word Origin & History

    astound c.1600, from M.E. astouned, astoned (c.1300), pp. of astonien "to stun" (see astonish), with more of the original sense of V.L. *extonare.

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