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Word Example of - astonishing

    Example Sentences for astonishing

    Or come back to Europe, and take the astonishing case of Austria and Hungary.

    I can tell you, the effect of the meeting of our eyes was astonishing.

    It is astonishing with what keen delight he engaged in this singular pursuit.

    Really, my dear boy, this is the most astonishing case of somnambulism on record.

    There was an astonishing vista, once inside the gates, of sherry butts and port casks.

    It is astonishing how much I like a man after I've fought with him.

    After a while the astonishing girl rose and said calmly: "I tak you to shore in my canoe now."

    A subject for wonder is the astonishing advance in the author's technique.

    If so and the opposition is astonishing then surely there is that destruction and no suspicion is more, there is a report.

    It was astonishing to realize that what VanDeusen had said was perfectly true.

Word Origin & History of - astonishing

    Word Origin & History of - astonishing

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