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Word Example of - apprehension

    Example Sentences for apprehension

    The camp was broken up in haste and apprehension, and the march resumed.

    For three dreadful weeks he ran it in agony or apprehension.

    But there was an apprehension to disturb the tenor of his thoughts, and fall heavily upon his official capacity.

    Is it then worth all the apprehension and grief it occasions?

    Something in the seriousness of his manner drew a quick look of apprehension over the other's face.

    Poor Flora had heard the story about me, and she trembled with apprehension.

    “But you have told me nothing,” she replied, striving to remain mistress of herself and to hide her apprehension.

    He said that it is only a passing emotion, "an apprehension of dishonor."

    He opened the door then abruptly, and she held her breath and became still and tense with apprehension.

    A woman was very often the cause of a desperado's apprehension.

Word Origin & History of - apprehension

    Word Origin & History

    apprehension 1570s, "seizure on behalf of authority," from L. apprehensionem (nom. apprehensio), noun of action from apprehendere (see apprehend). Meaning "lay hold of with the mind" is attested from 1580s; that of "anticipation" (usually with dread) is recorded from c.1600.

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