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Word Example of - antipode

    Example Sentences for antipode

    Charles Wesley's hymn is the antipode of Newton's in metre and movement.

    It is the antipode to the hand of those who have large, lovable natures.

    The finite was self-arrayed against the infinite, the mortal against immortality, and a sinner was the antipode of God.

    Self-reverence is the antipode of self-conceit, of selfishness.

    Mortal man is the antipode of immortal man, and the two should not be confounded.

    This is just his antipode, who, having all things, yet has nothing.

    Would not this science be the antipode (some would say antidote) of the mystic dreams of Plato and of Delsarte himself?

    As I understand it, spiritualism is the antipode of Christian Science.

    She was my greatest friend, of the feminine gender:—when I say 'friend,' I mean not mistress, for that's the antipode.

    In tale or history your beggar is ever the first antipode to your king.

Word Origin & History of - antipode

    Word Origin & History

    antipodes "place on the opposite side of the earth," late 14c., from L. antipodes "those who dwell on the opposite side of the earth," from Gk. antipodes, pl. of antipous "with feet opposite (ours)," from anti- "opposite" + pous "foot" (see foot), thus people who live on the opposite side of the world. Not to be confused with antiscii "those who live on the same meridian on opposite side of the equator," whose shadows fall at noon in the opposite direction, from Gk. anti- + skia "shadow.""Yonde in Ethiopia ben the Antipodes, men that haue theyr fete ayenst our fete." ["De Proprietatibus Rerum Bartholomeus ...Anglicus," translated by John of Trevisa, 1398]Related: Antipodal (adj., 1640s); antipodean (1630s)

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