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Word Example of - afraid

    Example Sentences for afraid

    She was a Pole, she had been trained in a hard school, she was not afraid.

    When a man has made up his mind to die he is not afraid of anything.

    Guide my arm and my heart and don't let me be afraid to die or to make her die.

    "No, I am afraid not," said Nancy as they stood in the doorway.

    For the first time in her life she was afraid and thoroughly unnerved.

    I was afraid he would soon see more of them than he could manage.

    "They'll never think of looking for us here, I'm afraid," said Terry.

    I am not afraid of Mrs Howell; and we shall have to encounter her again, sooner or later.

    Now it occurred to me that perhaps the sailors, too, might be afraid of Tiny.

    I was afraid if the building struck the bank it might be tumbled over on the steamers.

Word Origin & History of - afraid

    Word Origin & History

    afraid early 14c., originally pp. of afray "frighten," from Anglo-Fr. afrayer, from O.Fr. esfreer (see affray (n.)). A rare case of an English adjective that never stands before a noun. Because it was used in A.V. Bible, it acquired independent standing and thrived while affray faded, chasing out the once more common afeard (q.v.). Sense in I'm afraid "I regret to say, I suspect" (without implication of fear) is first recorded 1590s."Her blue affrayed eyes wide open shone" [Keats, "The Eve of St. Agnes," 1820]

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