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Word Example of - abstruse

    Example Sentences for abstruse

    It was as if a child had suddenly propounded to an eminent mathematician some abstruse problem in the higher algebra.

    "It is full early in the morning for the cryptic and abstruse," I said.

    Have you indulged in these abstruse philosophical speculations with Spreta?

    Mother's mind seemed to be working at some abstruse calculation.

    The point is too technical and abstruse to be discussed here.

    Wilton was puzzled by the detective's tone, its abstruse insinuation.

    Only an abstruse theologian with a taste for the more recondite niceties of obscure heresies could possibly do justice to it.

    Ordinary people may fear there is some abstruse science about this.

    It is often said that philosophy is a very difficult and abstruse subject.

    With scholars and philosophers they held their own in abstruse and abstract discussions.

Word Origin & History of - abstruse

    Word Origin & History

    abstruse c.1600, from L. abstrusus, pp. of abstrudere "conceal," lit. "to thrust away," from ab- "away" + trudere "to thrust, push" (see extrusion).

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