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Word Example of - absolutely

    Example Sentences for absolutely

    Those boys whom he honored with his confidence were absolutely attached to him.

    "I absolutely agree with you," said the colonel, shaking his head.

    His voice was high, clear, and musical, and his rendition was absolutely correct.

    "I'm absolutely out of it, Pinto," he said, flicking the ash of his cigar into the fireplace.

    You know that I'm absolutely on the level in my business dealings.

    How absolutely in the dark we are as to the motives and actions of men.

    The little details were very interesting, but absolutely no time was allowed to me.

    It is very probable, but not absolutely certain, that inbreeding is harmful.

    I believe that my expression was absolutely innocent—and I am, of course sure that hers expressed mere surprise.

    And there was absolutely no place in which it could possibly have concealed itself.

Word Origin & History of - absolutely

    Word Origin & History

    absolutely 1530s, "in a manner detached from other things," from absolute + -ly. Meaning "completely, to the utmost degree" emerged by mid-16c. As a colloquial emphatic in American English, it is attested from 1892.

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