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The Definition of - compress (verb)

    verb (used with object)
    to press together; force into less space.
    to cause to become a solid mass:
    to compress cotton into bales.
    to condense, shorten, or abbreviate:
    The book was compressed by 50 pages.
    Computers. to reduce the storage space required for (data) by changing its format:
    The algorithm should compress the video file without losing any quality.
    Medicine/Medical. a soft, cloth pad held in place by a bandage and used to provide pressure or to supply moisture, cold, heat, or medication.
    an apparatus for compressing cotton bales.
    a warehouse for storing cotton bales before shipment.

Word Example of - compress

    Example Sentences for compress

    One life, one love, is the Christian idea, and into this sluice or mold it has been endeavoring to compress the whole world.

    A waistcoat made so tight as slightly to compress the bowels and stomach.

    Conceive what it would mean if some force could compress together these widely separated particles until they touched.

    Direct the assistant to compress the vein at the root of the ear.

    At Cartstatt he was so diligent as to compress the four years' course into three, and graduated in 1873.

    I found him holding a compress on the severed vessel and greatly alarmed.

    A compress, steeped in oil, was then applied, and it staunched the bleeding.

    The water for the sheet, compress and bath should not be lower than 65°.

    He sat trying to compress his head with his hands, for it ached as if it would split apart.

    Compress the carotid, and you obtain the clouding-over of the intellect.

Word Origin & History of - compress

    Word Origin & History

    compress late 14c., "to press (something) together," from O.Fr. compresser, from L. compressare "to press together," frequentative of comprimere "to squeeze," from com- "together" + premere "to press" (see press (v.1)). The noun, in the surgical sense, is from 1599.

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