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The Definition of - appropriation (noun)

    the act of appropriating.
    anything appropriated for a special purpose, especially money.
    an act of a legislature authorizing money to be paid from the treasury for a specified use.
    the money thus authorized:
    a large appropriation for aid to libraries.

Word Example of - appropriation

    Example Sentences for appropriation

    He stands charged with unlawful, if not criminal, appropriation of gifts and moneys.

    Appropriation is not of the object, but of the method, process, and context.

    He would ask, could not an appropriation be made for the use of the Military Establishment in general terms?

    There is much confusion of idea on the subject of this appropriation.

    The Council accepted the challenge, and rejected the Appropriation Bill.

    In 1856 an appropriation was entered into, but the jetties were never completed.

    He immediately recommended an appropriation of three millions of dollars.

    The larger the appropriation for advertising, the larger the chance for increased sales.

    I resent your appropriation of a man who is managed only through the cleverness of my artifice.

    How about the blatant person who had declared HE could have gotten the appropriation?

Word Origin & History of - appropriation

    Word Origin & History of - appropriation

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