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Word Example of - investment

    Example Sentences for investment

    These measures were consequent on the investment of Bayonne.

    Of course the first investment is the most dangerous gamble, and that's why everybody is shy.

    Our investment, our training, our planning --all are paying off.

    But although the investment of Toulon was complete, it was weak.

    Care will be taken that the investment shall not reach three hundred thousand, or pass far beyond two hundred and fifty thousand.

    Nowhere else can you get such large and quick returns on so small an investment.

    Having come to Port Royal less as a colonist than as a guest of Poutrincourt, he had no investment at stake.

    And what I want to ask of you is this: The investment will require about two hundred dollars.

    There is a beautiful "investment of capital" for your modern merchant to study!

    If I have made any mistake in my investment, I shall charge the loss to you.

Word Origin & History of - investment

    Word Origin & History of - investment

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