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The Synonym of - impoverish (verb)

Word Example of - impoverish

    Example Sentences for impoverish

    All parts of Great Britain have sent their people, and from Canada so many have come as almost to impoverish certain sections.

    My want cannot impoverish that inexhaustible treasury of grace!

    That extravagance is truly sinful, and a very silly sin to boot, in which we impoverish mankind and ourselves.

    Each generation had done what it could to impoverish the land and never to improve it.

    The war has sent this evil demon to impoverish people, and embarrass the public.

    Careless ones will lose their money and impoverish the nation.

    And you expect me to impoverish myself for the sake of Champney Googe?

    Often he will impoverish himself to give to the causes that help humanity.

    Giving does not impoverish either her ample purse or her generous heart.

    Its influence was vicious and its efforts were to impoverish the campmen.

Word Origin & History of - impoverish

    Word Origin & History of - impoverish

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