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Word Example of - handshake

    Example Sentences for handshake

    She greeted me most cordially with a handshake and a "good day to a good winner."

    The handshake of some people makes you think of accident and sudden death.

    He passed from one to the other and his handshake was only the elusive passage of his fingers through their palms.

    "Just in time," she said gaily, bestowing a handshake on Knight, and nodding at Alec.

    How could he ratify an adieu with a handshake, on the top of a question that called for an answer?

    Adams gratefully protracted the handshake that accompanied these inquiries.

    With each presentation of fruit, a speech was delivered, which always ended in a grin and a handshake.

    Moore seemed enraptured at the handshake and breathless over the occasion.

    That handshake, let us hope, will outweigh many a hysterical outburst on both sides.

    "I believe you," said I, returning his handshake as cordially as he had bestowed it.

Word Origin & History of - handshake

    Word Origin & History of - handshake

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