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Word Example of - hacienda

    Example Sentences for hacienda

    Thus does every hacienda throughout Yucatan awake to its day's work.

    This horseman was the master of the hacienda, Don Augustin Peña.

    It is getting dusk already, and, dressed exactly like Pedro, I walk into the hacienda.

    Saying this, he walked silently towards the hacienda, followed by the assassin.

    For almost two hundred years the hacienda functioned to support the ecclesiastical schools of the order.

    I have forgiven you the stab with which you wounded me at the Hacienda del Venado.

    The majordomo was as cool and calm as when he left the hacienda.

    They had taken the up-river road, towards the hacienda de Vargas.

    Yonder are the vaqueros of your hacienda approaching to meet you.

    We can see the hacienda, and all around it, as distinctly as by the light of day!

Word Origin & History of - hacienda

    Word Origin & History

    hacienda 1760, from Sp., "estate, plantation," from L. facienda "things to be done," from facere "to do" (see factitious).