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Word Example of - habituated

    Example Sentences for habituated

    He would not come of his own accord at first, but by-and-by he got habituated to me, and not unfrequently strolled in.

    Of course, these remarks apply only to those not habituated to long fasts.

    But mark what happens to a man, who drinks a quart of wine or of ale, if he has not been habituated to it.

    She had become so habituated to his presence that she was quite at her ease, and treated him as a comrade.

    The character of my mother was no less devout; but her education had habituated her to a different mode of worship.

    She should be strong, too, habituated to physical hardship, as our Western girls are.

    Besides these philosophers, thousands of wise men amongst the Greeks, ancient and modern, habituated themselves to travel.

    But these Uri cannot be habituated to man or made tractable, not even when young.

    Habituated from youth up to motley associations, he required noise and light and laughter.

    So limited is nature, or at least that part of it to which we are most habituated.

Word Origin & History of - habituated

    Word Origin & History of - habituated

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