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Word Example of - giving

    Example Sentences for giving

    He had been with Els a long time, giving a report as frankly as ever.

    He is giving practically all of his time to watching our work up here.

    I cannot refrain from giving my readers the very Grecian names of my kind entertainers.

    Giving them a list, they gave me a memorandum offer for the lot.

    With the giving of such permissions the Abbot was notoriously generous.

    He stood by his friends and fought his enemies, asking no quarter and giving none.

    There he found that gir the Old was giving a banquet to all the sir in his wide coral-caves.

    Again and again he was on the point of giving up the struggle.

    He would catch me sooner or later, so I am giving myself up.

    Then giving his guide a dime, he dismissed him with a courtly bow, and knocked.

Word Origin & History of - giving

    Word Origin & History

    give O.E. giefan (W. Saxon), class V strong verb (past tense geaf, pp. giefen), from P.Gmc. *gebanan (cf. O.Fris. jeva, M.Du. gheven, Ger. geben, Goth. giban), from PIE *ghab(h)- "to take, hold, have, give" (see habit). It became yiven in M.E., but changed to guttural "g" by infl. of O.N. gefa "to give," O.Dan. givæ. Meaning "to yield to pressure" is from 1577. Given "allotted, predestined" (O.E. giefeðe) also had a n. sense of "fate," reflecting an important concept in pagan Gmc. ideology. The modern sense of "what is given, known facts" is from 1879. To give (someone) a cold seems to ...reflect the old belief that one could be cured of disease by deliberately infecting others. What gives? "what is happening?" is attested from 1940. Give-and-take (n.) is originally from horse racing (1769) and refers to races in which bigger horses were given more weight to carry, lighter ones less. Give-away (n.) is from 1872.