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Word Example of - fantastic

    Example Sentences for fantastic

    The appearance of the man assumed a terrible and fantastic air.

    She recalled the cracked voice of her rescuer, his fantastic language.

    For there, waddling slowly forward, came the most fantastic huge creature imaginable.

    The folkways of the Middle Ages were fantastic and extravagant.

    The Hochstetter Fall is a curtain of broken, uneven, fantastic ice coming down 4,000 feet on to the Tasman glacier.

    They are followed by scorpion-like and other fantastic figures.

    The tale is not intended to be fantastic or full of new and strange ideas.

    His costume, moreover, was extraordinary to the point of the fantastic.

    It was as though a touch of the fantastic had rested for a moment even on my hard head.

    They looked on the fantastic landscape with quiet wonderment.

Word Origin & History of - fantastic

    Word Origin & History

    fantastic late 14c., "existing only in imagination," from O.Fr. fantastique, from L.L. phantasticus "imaginary," from Gk. phantastikos "able to imagine," from phantazein "make visible" (middle voice phantazesthai "picture to oneself"); see fantasy. Trivial sense of "wonderful, marvelous" first recorded 1938.