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Word Example of - effervescence

    Example Sentences for effervescence

    The two Canadians were dumb with surprise; the effervescence, however, gradually calmed, and silence was re-established.

    No; these vibrations are due to the effervescence of the central fire.

    That is to say, he was one from whom the effervescence and elasticity and salt of youth had altogether passed away.

    The effervescence of champagne, with what eye does he behold it?

    I must not forget that our chaouch, in spite of all this effervescence, had got up this morning in a very pious state of mind.

    But the effervescence of the popular will was soon at an end.

    The publication of the convention produced an effervescence not less formidable in the camps.

    In 1742 he wrote a work entitled "Dissertation on Effervescence and Fermentation."

    It is rude, but there is nothing for it but to bolt; people like that would take the effervescence off newly opened champagne!

    The effervescence that arises in the receiver is remarkable.

Word Origin & History of - effervescence

    Word Origin & History

    effervescence 1650s, "the action of boiling up," from Fr. effervescence, from L. effervescere, from ex- "out" + fervescere "begin to boil," from fervere "be hot, boil" (see brew). Figurative sense is from 1748.