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Word Example of - donation

    Example Sentences for donation

    This section is section eleven of the Donation Land Law, which was passed without opposition.

    The State of Alabama, in which it was placed, gave it an annual donation.

    Edward the Confessor made a like donation to the family of Nigel.

    Then if it sends the petition this year you will give the donation, I suppose?

    It does not approach the donation of Japan, and little more than doubles that of Spain.

    Mr. Elschild had persisted that his donation was entirely a voluntary one.

    Besides that it has accumulated a fund of about thirty thousand dollars, by donation and otherwise.

    Regarding the facts of his donation to the fund he had vouchsafed no word to Zoe.

    Proceeding to Rome, the king appears to have come to some arrangement with Adrian about the donation of 774.

    A lady may accept any donation of money a gentleman may wish to make at her table.

Word Origin & History of - donation

    Word Origin & History

    donation early 15c., from M.Fr. donation, from L. donationem (nom. donatio), from donare "give as a gift," from donum "gift," from PIE *donum "gift" (cf. Skt. danam "offering, present," O.C.S. dani "tribute," Lith. duonis "gift," O.Ir. dan "gift, endowment, talent"), from base *do-/*de- "to give."