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Word Example of - disband

    Example Sentences for disband

    On the other hand, Congress had no present means of paying the army, if they were to disband them.

    When Scott had finished his inspection the men started to disband.

    We must either give up the art, and disband, or make the necessary improvements as they are called for.

    The War Office had decided to disband the garrison and remove its guns!

    One of the chief reasons that juvenile clubs often disband for lack of interest is because nothing is laid out for them to do.

    These granted, we doubt little but that the insurgents will disband.

    They paid, however, so much respect to William's authority as to disband themselves when his proclamation was published.

    It was now in his power to dismiss his allies, and disband his army.

    It did not disband, but existed for years a merely nominal tribunal.

    They were ordered then to disband their troops, and return to Rome.

Word Origin & History of - disband

    Word Origin & History

    disband 1590s, from M.Fr. desbander, in military sense, from des- (see dis-) + band (q.v.). Related: Disbanded.