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Word Example of - diet

    Example Sentences for diet

    This turtle was a godsend, and was just what I needed to change my diet.

    These valuable articles of diet should be introduced whenever it is possible.

    His face was spare, suggesting a diet as severely plain as his garments.

    As to the simplicity of his diet, there is a remarkable saying of his upon record.

    For a long time the diet should be restricted to easily-digested food.

    A Diet of the empire was accordingly summoned at Diet of Spires.

    There is little danger in this country that our diet will fall too low in protein.

    Faction was opposed by faction in the field and in the Diet.

    Certain articles of diet are often strangely and unaccountably harmful to some.

    The Diet has no executive power; only legislative authority.

Word Origin & History of - diet

    Word Origin & History of - diet

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