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Word Example of - dicker

    Example Sentences for dicker

    Such critics had come to Washington, had made their "dicker," danced at the hotel hops, and been jostled on the Avenue.

    "I'm a hustler on a dicker, and a hellion on junk," snapped the boss.

    "I don't quite see where the money is to come from," observed Mr. Dicker.

    Published tariffs were only the starting point for "higgle" and "dicker."

    They say he's been too free with concessions; and they accuse him of trying to make a dicker with England to sell out the country.

    Mrs. Eve settled that business for me when she made the dicker with the snake.

    Dicker was given to the study of astronomy, and it is related that he once gave a lecture on this subject in the Public Rooms.

    If overtook by a stouter force they're in shape fer a dicker.

    "I did not," confessed Mr. Dicker, with a mixture of shame and abhorrence.

    The officer called back eagerly: "All right; we'll make some kind of a dicker."

Word Origin & History of - dicker

    Word Origin & History

    dicker "haggle, bargain in a petty way," 1802, Amer.Eng., perhaps from dicker (n.) "a unit or package of tens," especially hides (attested from c.1275), probably from L. decuria "parcel of ten" (supposedly a unit of barter on the Roman frontier), from decem "ten" (see ten).