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Word Example of - detach

    Example Sentences for detach

    He had already made a secret treaty with Louis, and he now intrigued to detach the Emperor from the English alliance.

    The end you will keep in view, is to detach the Senate of Sonora from the Federal alliance.

    Detach from the sample of mohair brilliantine a warp thread; a filling thread.

    Steadying the needle-mount with the left hand, detach the syringe.

    In order to carry his plans into execution, Louis found it necessary to detach England from the interests of Holland.

    Detach the oysters from their shells and put then into china shells with their own liquor.

    He flung several prizes down on the floor, not having taken the time to detach the pelts.

    Nevertheless, Lady Spencer could not detach her daughter from the gay world.

    But I had nothing to draw the well-riveted nail, and the back-spring resisted all my efforts to detach it.

    Found on sticks and logs, they are quite hard to detach from their hosts.

Word Origin & History of - detach

    Word Origin & History

    detach 1680s, from Fr. détacher, from O.Fr. destachier, from des- "apart" + attachier "attach" (see attach).