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Word Example of - dabbing

    Example Sentences for dabbing

    "There's a ring," observed Flavilla, dabbing on too much ultramarine and using a sponge.

    What did she want to keep on dabbing at her mouth with her handkerchief for!

    “There you are, then,” said Carey, giving the spoon a twirl and dabbing a goodly portion on the biscuit.

    "Oh, just another fellow who lived in Rome," he replied, dabbing away.

    What's the good of dabbing a lot of sweets in front of people, before they've had any meat?

    Her eyes were wet and she was dabbing at them with a lace handkerchief.

    She was dabbing her eyes and waving to a big, mustached man who filled a compartment door and who shouted jokes to her.

    "You didn't call me names," dabbing away with a small handkerchief.

    Dab′ber, a sort of pad for dabbing ink on engraved wood blocks or plates; Dab′chick, a small water-fowl, a kind of grebe.

    "Don't mind me," he said, dabbing with the handkerchief at his eyes.

Word Origin & History of - dabbing

    Word Origin & History

    dab c.1300, "heavy blow with a weapon," from dabben "to strike," perhaps imitative. Modern sense of "strike with a slight, quick pressure" developed by 1590s, infl. by Fr. dauber (see daub). Dab hand is British slang, 1828, from dab "expert" (1691), said to be school slang, of unknown origin.