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Word Example of - cyclonic

    Example Sentences for cyclonic

    The islands on the sea-front are exposed to devastation by cyclonic storm-waves.

    Her final roulade had just floated on and beyond, lost now in cyclonic bravas.

    They had not told her that word of Miles's rebuff to Vida had spread through town, a cyclonic fury.

    Never have we seen a creature so fiery, tempestuous, cyclonic.

    Its rainfall also is largely planetary rather than cyclonic.

    All our general storms are cyclonic in their character, that is, rotary and progressive.

    Democracy in France was just entering upon its cyclonic and hideous struggle for the right to live.

    Cyclonic storms are most numerous and best developed in winter.

    Here we must leave the cyclonic hypothesis of climate and must refer the reader once more to Earth and Sun for fuller details.

    Yes, that is the word—he is cyclonic—but he isn't a gentleman.

Word Origin & History of - cyclonic

    Word Origin & History of - cyclonic

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