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    Example Sentences for crop

    Rather it was a fact with regard to what is in every land the most important of all crops--the crop of boys and girls.

    How is the Government to be repaid for what it has spent on this year's crop?

    Klaus Heinrich laughed and saluted with his crop, and on they rode.

    I shall just about pay expenses on the crop of 1865, not much more, I think.

    All of a sudden, on emerging from the thick jungle, we came on a fallow field; the crop had been reaped, and was stacked close by.

    So far as it is clothed at all with crop and wood, this is their service.

    Others asked by what right shall men who do not labor demand a portion of the crop from those who plant, hoe and harvest?

    It occurred while they were getting in their crop of vanilla.

    Sometimes a hailstorm ruins the year's crop, frost blights the plants, and losses occur in other ways.

    Most of the crop is grown in the Germanic states of Europe, and in Russia.

Word Origin & History of - crop

    Word Origin & History of - crop

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