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Word Example of - converse

    Example Sentences for converse

    I nudge Wurpz and Zahooli as the Neofeuhrer goes over to converse with his crew.

    The evening was spent in converse with visitors and friends.

    The aristocrats on the benches pay no attention and continue to guard their ropa and converse on chance topics.

    They could converse only by signs, and their attempted communication of ideas was not very satisfactory.

    Jupiter, pitying her isolation and admiring her beauty, resolved to go down and converse with her for a little while.

    Converse meant a lay-brother employed as a drudge in a monastery.

    So unhappy did he seem, that some men began to take compassion on him, and even to converse with him.

    While on pilgrimage they conversed; when they had arrived, all converse ceased.

    I was first, however, to converse an hour with the housekeeper, and then to withdraw to my chamber.

    It was not always, moreover, that I could converse with Oroboni.

Word Origin & History of - converse

    Word Origin & History

    converse "to communicate (with)," 1590s; earlier "to move about" (mid-14c.), from O.Fr. converser (12c.), from L. conversari (see conversation). Related: Conversing.