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Word Example of - contradictory

    Example Sentences for contradictory

    The denial of a proposition implies the admission of its Contradictory.

    Therefore also the mores, if they are affected by 611asceticism, are inconsistent and contradictory.

    However, experiments made in connection with this subject are contradictory.

    It is simply the opposite or contradictory of the Good, the god of evil.

    Let us trust, for the honor of God, that the contradictory creeds for which men have died are all true.

    Throughout this day reports often contradictory and conflicting reached me.

    All this contradictory medley of thought and feeling occupied but a few seconds of consciousness.

    I tried to diagnose her symptoms, but they were too complicated and contradictory.

    In the affirmation, that a man walked upon water, the idea of the subject is not contradictory of that in the predicate.

    Like all primordial aspects of life the situation is double-edged and contradictory.

Word Origin & History of - contradictory

    Word Origin & History

    contradictory 1530s, "mutually opposed, at variance," from L. contradictorius, from contradictorem, from contradicere (see contradiction). Meaning "fond of contradicting" is from 1891.