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Word Example of - consolidate

    Example Sentences for consolidate

    Finally we reached our last objective and commenced to consolidate.

    We were able to take all our objectives and consolidate them.

    And such a Constitution; little short of miraculous: one that shall 'consolidate the Revolution'!

    In a score of other ways Kara had endeavoured to consolidate the friendship.

    The snow particles may be blown for hundreds of miles before they finally come to rest and consolidate.

    It needs a war, not a threat of war, to consolidate Austria and Hungary.

    But the Western expansion, though it did much to consolidate the Republic, contained in it a seed of dissension.

    I was the one they were going to hang, to consolidate the bond with the old island.

    He seemed about to rival Csar, and establish a military empire which should consolidate the nations of the mainland of Europe.

    She will not keep him to his labours to consolidate the power.

Word Origin & History of - consolidate

    Word Origin & History

    consolidate 1510s, "to compact into one body," from L. consolidat-, pp. stem of consolidare, from con- "together" + solidare "to make solid" (see consolidation). Meaning "to make firm or strong" is from c.1540. Related: Consolidating (1660s).