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Word Example of - conqueror

    Example Sentences for conqueror

    The cities of the main land were compelled to acknowledge the supremacy of the Persian conqueror; but not the islands.

    They are found with their old function in the laws of William the Conqueror.

    He seems to have come off conqueror: but has he gained by his victory?

    There are victories which ruin the conqueror, and even his may be too dearly bought.

    His espousal of the cause of Edgar the Atheling led the Conqueror to regard him with suspicion.

    It is the conqueror of poverty and the foundation of patriotism.

    But when he had placed a good hundred yards between him and his conqueror, he turned and waved his hand cheerily.

    They expected a conqueror to free them from the yoke of their enemies.

    An act of conquest by the exercise of superior military force entitles the conqueror to the possession of the conquered territory.

    Their supreme need is of peace; and they may become the subjects of a conqueror.

Word Origin & History of - conqueror

    Word Origin & History

    conqueror c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. conquerour (O.Fr. conquereor), from O.Fr. conquerre (see conquer). Another early form was conquestor. William the Conqueror so called from early 12c. in Anglo-L.: Guillelmus Magus id est conquæstor rex Anglorum.