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Word Example of - cessation

    Example Sentences for cessation

    Should they show the least signs of cessation of growth, we begin budding them, and push the work as rapidly as possible.

    Of course, then, it means a cessation of hostilities by land and sea.

    From these countries after the cessation of persecution they returned to the rest of Europe.

    The cessation of the rotation I, however, believe to be impossible.

    It is not looking forward to the cessation of its work in a eugenic millenium.

    A cessation of hostilities was asked for, on the 15th, and obtained.

    To Miss Lucy's great disappointment, dusk only brought a cessation of the steady down-pour.

    This was soon after; and along with the morning light had come the cessation of the simoom.

    In the cessation of the impassioned murmur she began to reflect.

    I cannot see the difficulty about the cessation of the Glacial period.

Word Origin & History of - cessation

    Word Origin & History

    cessation 1447, from O.Fr. cessation, from L. cessationem (nom. cessatio) "a delaying, ceasing," from cessare "delay" (see cease).