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Word Example of - attachment

    Example Sentences for attachment

    Their vulnerable points are the attachment of the anterior limbs, and, of course, the eyes.

    I never liked the sort of attachment that most of my neighbours have testified for me.

    The whole city was in commotion, making arrangements to demonstrate their attachment to our beloved President.

    He was anything but ashamed of his attachment to Margaret; but he could not open his lips upon it.

    But the common vice of all these people is an attachment to games of chance, which they pursue with a ruinous avidity.

    They are especially capable of attachment to those who treat them kindly.

    Mr. Montenero's attachment to the Manessas immediately made him take notice of Jacob.

    To-day, for the first time, did I put that attachment to the test, and lo!

    It seemed to her that this resolve of his had come on account of her attachment and its probable result.

    I rely upon your attachment for me and upon the strength of your mind.

Word Origin & History of - attachment

    Word Origin & History

    attachment mid-15c., "arrest of a person on judicial warrant," from Fr. attachement, from attacher (see attach). Application to property (including, later, wages) dates from 1590s; meaning "sympathy, devotion" is recorded from 1704; that of "something that is attached to something else" dates from 1797 and has become perhaps the most common use since the rise of e-mail.